MHP T Bomb II 168T - Discontinued


T-BOMB IIs explosive formula is scientifically formulated to help optimize the production of testosterone and balance and other key hormones to promote performance. T-BOMB IIs proprietary 5-Phase Male Hormone Optimizing Complex, Optimone-5, helps boost the natural production of testosterone and support a healthy estrogen balance by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.* It also helps support levels of free testosterone by lowering SHBG. T-BOMB IIs unique 2nd Messenger Hormone Amplifier Complex helps support hormone receptor cell signals and helps increase the effects of testosterone.

Discover the new method of hormonal support that pro-bodybuilders are using to turn their bodies into more efficient anabolic machines! It cranks up testosterone, amplifies receptor signaling and supports a healthy estrogen balance to promote muscle and strength increases!*

The enormous proportions of shredded muscularity you see in the photos of todays top professional bodybuilders leave most of us staring in shock and envy. How do they achieve such mind-blowing massive physiques? How do they get their deep cuts, striations and vascularity?

If you think the answer is testosterone, youre only partly right! Todays top pros know that in order to optimize the anabolic effects of testosterone, they MUST address many other extremely important hormonal functions.

Truth be told, you were probably misled to believe that supporting your production of testosterone is the answer to building muscle mass and promoting sexual health. Here, we will do our best to enlighten you to your testosterones real role in muscle building. Youll discover how to help give your body the nutrients and ingredients it needs to help optimize the anabolic potential of testosterone and reduce key testosterone agonists in its path to create an anabolic frenzy between testosterone and your muscle receptor cells. Finally, youll find out how you can achieve an improvement in the rock-hard muscle mass that may have been eluding you!

Since 1997, MHP has been tied in to the inner circles of both the hardcore bodybuilding and established scientific communities. MHPs president, Gerard Dente, is a 260 lb. former world class bodybuilder, and Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a world-renowned authority in hormone health, headed up MHPs research and development team for this one-of-a-kind product. Together, they worked with some of the top experts in the field of natural hormonal support. As a result, theyve gained access to amazing technologies along with the secrets the pros have been using for years to support a healthy anabolic landscape.

All of this led up to the pooling of their resources for the development of the first-ever Pro-Testosterone formula of its kind-a formula that supports key aspects of your hormonal profile to help you optimize performance.*

True, testosterone is an extremely important muscle building hormone, and virtually ALL males, especially bodybuilders and strength junkies, are looking to optimize it. Who could blame them? When combined with the right diet and training program, testosterone can support muscle building benefits, including:

  • Increased Muscle Mass and Strength*
  • Increased Fat Mobilization and Decreased Body Fat*
  • Increased Protein Synthesis*
  • Increased Muscle Glycogen Synthesis*
  • Supporting Sexual Health*

Given the perfect hormonal environment, you can take advantage of these benefits. But your endocrine system is complicated it is a complex network of hormonal signals and surges governed by many checks and balances. Its also full of surprises. In fact, if youre not taking the proper precautions and if youre not combining the right ingredients in the right amounts, you may be turning your hopes of creating a better physique and improving performance in all areas of your life into a wicked tailspin. Because although you think youre pumping your receptor sites full of testosterone, you may be elevating levels of estrogen, DHT and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which can detract from testosterones important three male-threatening compounds that can cause water retention, increased body fat and affect the health of your hair follicles!

T-BOMB II A pioneer in Nutritional Hormonal Manipulation with Pro-Testosterone Technology!

T-BOMB II is an effective way to help support the utilization of testosterone. It was the first prohormone-free testosterone formula created to help optimize testosterone levels in the blood, increase Free Testosterone, help support a healthy testosterone to estrogen ratio and support the anabolic effects of your testosterone.* T-Bomb II addresses the physiology of the human hormonal profile from a variety of important mechanisms!

T-BOMB IIs Patent-Pending Optimone-5 Complex Helps:

1. Supports Your Natural Production of Testosterone

Clinically studied amounts of testosterone-boosting compounds help support the health of your pituitary.* T-BOMB II helps stimulate your pituitary to produce luteinizing hormone and the release of testosterone, helping to support your gains!*

2. Inhibits SHBG and Increases Free Testosterone

Elevated testosterone is only beneficial if it is circulating in the blood as Free Testosterone. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein that binds to testosterone, rendering it useless. T-BOMB II helps lower SHBG to free up testosterone for greater gains in mass and strength.*

3. Supports A Healthy Estrogen Balance

Unfortunately, not all testosterone remains as testosterone once its produced. The aromatase enzyme naturally converts some of your testosterone into the female hormone, estrogen, which is in part responsible for the accumulation of body fat, water retention and other unwanted changes. Ingredients in T-BOMB II may help support a healthy rate of conversion of testosterone to estrogen to preserve testosterone and its beneficial effects for bodybuilders and performance athletes.

4. Blocks Estrogen Receptors

T-BOMB II also contains compounds to minimize the activity of estrogen receptors, helping to prevent estrogen from exerting unwanted estrogenic effects.


5. Lowers the Conversion of Testosterone to DHT

Testosterone can also convert into a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which in men is responsible for negative effects such as poor hair quality and blemishes. T-BOMB II provides your body with the critical nutrients to help minimize and this conversion. Additionally, minimizing DHT, which normally competes with testosterone for the androgen receptor, leaves even more receptors open for testosterone to latch onto.*

EXCLUSIVE Second Messenger Technology: The Testosterone Amplifier!

For years, bodybuilders have been trying to figure out how to maximize receptor cell activity. They know that regardless of how much testosterone they have pumping through their bodies, they arent going to benefit if their receptors arent responding. If their muscle cells arent ready to accept testosterone, their testosterone-maximizing efforts are wasted!

Heres how it works naturally within your body: When testosterone arrives and docks at the muscle cell receptor site, complex intracellular compounds called 2nd Messengers communicate this arrival to the cell nucleus and trigger an anabolic (muscle building) reaction. The more efficiently your 2nd Messengers are working, the louder the signal they send. This is referred to as signal transduction, and the amplified signal increases testosterones anabolic effects to stimulate muscle growth. Simply stated, if your 2nd Messengers are operating optimally, the muscle building effects of testosterone are increased!

Drop the Bomb

T-BOMB IIs Optimone-5 Complex will help make sure your hormonal landscape is primed for growth. Lets go through our checklist:

  • Your pituitary should be working to capacity, turning out testosterone.*
  • You should be hindering SHBG, allowing even more free testosterone to be available to latch onto the muscle receptors.*
  • You should be impeding the effects of estrogen with a two-stage assault by reducing the conversion of estrogen and by helping to block the estrogen receptors so estrogens effects can be minimized.*
  • Then comes the grand finale You should have improved utilization of your 2nd Messenger communication, sending an amplified signal that testosterone has arrived.
  • Support Sexual Health*

T-Bomb II can help provide all of these beneficial effects! It takes MORE than simply elevating testosterone to reach your peak!