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Nutri Sync Humanofortsupports Endocrine Stasis, which is a state that exists when all of your endocrine hormones are at optimal levels and in balance with each other. This state is crucial for positive body transformation and a strong, healthy immune system. Humanofort strengthens the adrenal gland. A healthy, strong adrenal gland properly regulates Cortisol levels creating condition that can promote fat loss, provide sustained energy and encourage muscle gain.

Humanofort is a safe, naturally occurring food extract that contains two standardized specific bioactive peptides capable of surviving digestion and efficiently entering the bloodstream. The peptides are extracted from chicken embryos using a patented process that guarantees a sterile preparation. 

Humanofort is extracted from embryonic eggs that contain several factors (peptides) that are capable of acting on specific cellular receptors and can amplify the response of these cells to various stimuli throughout the body. It is this stimuli that is believed to influence and promote balance to several systems in our bodies, including our endocrine system. 

The endocrine system, sometimes referred to as our hormone system plays a vital role in regulating mood, growth, metabolism, and sexual function. It is made up of several major glands and the hormones thy secrete (produce). GROWTH FACTORS (peptides) are important components of the system capable of stimulating glandular secretion (hormone production).

Growth Factors - These special peptides help the entire system communicate. They are found in select food sources such as, chicken eggs. HUMANOFORT is comprised of two specific peptides that have been isolated and standardized from the eggs using a patented process.

Endocrine stasis is the ultimate state of endocrine balance. It is achieved when all the glands and hormones are functioning optimally and in balance with each other. Endocrine Stasis is the key to overall superior health. Too often its importance is undervalued and overlooked. 

Physical, mental and environmental disruptions of the endocrine system are becoming more common. Some disruptions can overload our endocrine system, throwing it out of balance. When proper diet, sleep and exercise is not enough, Humanofort may be exactly what your endocrine system needs to reach the balanced state of ENDOCRINE STASIS.

Is your system balanced?

The Value of achieving and maintaining ENDOCRINE STASIS can't be understated. It is vital to a healthy mind and body. When any of the associated glands are not functioning optimally, your body is great at informing you, you know something is "off". When your endocrine hormones move out of the preferred range, a host of issues can be observed and felt. 

  • Depression
  • Mental Fogginess
  • Shape Change
  • Can't Lose Weight
  • Mood Changes
  • Over Thinking
  • Low Libido
  • Excessive Cravings
  • Hot Flashes
  • Irritability
  • Poor Sleep
  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue

Getting your hormones tested is highly suggested when someone experiences any of these issues. Sometimes they can be symptoms of something more than hormone imbalance. This should be ruled out first. Many times when a specific hormone level is too high or low it affects other hormones of the endocrine system. It only makes sense to take a macro approach when discovering one or more hormones are not functionally optimal. Any attempt to improve your hormone levels must work to balance the entire system. 


  • Lower Cortisol Levels
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Increase Energy Naturally

Directions: Take one capsule daily.

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour.


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