USP Labs Modern Protein 2lb

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A High Quality Blend Of Premium Isolate Proteins With No Amino Spiking!


If your looking for a pure protein than your search has ended. Introducing USPLabs Modern Protein! Most protein powders on the market are outdated and behind the times. USPLabs combined all of the most recent and advanced scientific research in the world of athletic fitness and developed Modern Protein.

Modern Protein is made up of three Isolate proteins: this incredible blend of powerful protein isolates delivers unbeatable support for hard-working muscles:

- Milk protein isolate: A premium protein that contains fat absorbing whey protein and slower absorbing casein protein.
- Whey protein isolate: High quality protein that is fast absorbing.
- Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate: High quality protein that is fast absorbing.

USPLabs Modern Protein prides itself on holding to the standard of zero amino spiking. It contains only the protein your body needs in the precise dose needed for optimal muscle anabolism and repair. Modern Protein is pure, concentrated, and high quality for serious athletes who want the best support for their active body and lifestyle.